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My thoughts on NASCAR

Feb. 8 2008

  I had a dream last night, no, not that kind, but I wanted to take my blog in a new direction. Since the season is upon us, I just thought I would blog about what my feelings and thoughts on the current activities and weekly races bring. That being said, I'm starting out with what I witnessed last night at the Bud Shootout Selection Show, or the BSSS.

  The first thing I have to say is if you saw last years BSSS, you saw this years BSSS. It had the same format, with the same bartender. Kenny Wallace was behind the bar, and the bar was filled with tall tables and bar stools. There were 23 Aluminum Bud bottles standing on the bar, with mini flags with the starting position on each flag. The 23 Bud Shootout drivers were seated and talked amongst themselves as the show went on. Not that I dislike Kenny Wallace, but didn't I see this last year? I was going to turn over to 'Lost', but the kids wanted to see who 'won'. Who am I to deny a six and four year old? The Bud girls were cute, but I did notice that the dark headed Bud girl was cast off to the side while the blonde headed Bud girl was front and center with Kenny Wallace. I don't know what to read into this, but just wanted to give the guys who don't have the speed channel a visual.

   Now before I get too involved in this, I must say that the baby was crying and I had to make him a bottle, plus it was cheapy pizza nite for me and the boys, so some of the drivers comments I missed. One of the first thing I noticed was how much weight Denny Hamlin has lost. Kenny Wallace questioned him about it, as he talked to all the drivers as they came to the bar. Denny replied that he had lost thirty pounds as he pulled the number 12 from his Bud bottle. Maybe with the new body styles, he is looking for any advantage. Michael Waltrip took pictures of everyone as they went to the bar, which was kinda cool. He ends up starting third in Saturday nights race. The old timers were good as always. Bill Elloitt, who drew the 14 flag, doesn't seem to age, and I'm glad he's still racing. Mark Martin drew the number 2 from his bottle and commented that he wasn't surprised, and was actually dissapointed as he likes passing all the other drivers. Dale Jarrett acknowledged that this was his last Shootout as he pulled the number 15 flag from his bottle, and his last race will be the All-Star race at Lowes Motor Speedway. Kenny Wallace asked him how he would like retirement, and he replied that he didn't know if it would actually be a real retirement since he had two jobs now. I'm guessing he means driver and announcer.

    As I said earlier, I was in and out of range due to the kids, so I only got to see Kurt Busch hold up the Pole flag that he pulled from his bottle. When they called Casey Mears name, I was surprised to see that he didn't even look like the same guy. He wasn't. It was Caseys crew chief, Alan Gustafson. I guess Casey has what Mrs Plaid has and was unable to make it. He ended up with the 16th starting position. Tony Stewart was an interesting interview. As he pulled the number 10 from his bottle, he talked about the length of his hair and that his regular hair dresser lived in North Carolia and he wasn't able to see her due to his hectic schedule. Now bwfore anyone calls BS on that, I am the same way. My ex wife still cuts my hair, when I get it cut, as it's been quite awhile since I have had my greying locks cut also.

  Like I said, I missed alot of the show, but other highlights include Jamie McMurray 'snapping' bottle caps into the crowd, Carl Edwards talking about his new pilots license, and land that he bought in Mid Missouri, and Kenny Wallace autographing the bottle opener, giving it to Jimmie Johnson, who also autographed it, and gave it to a young fan.

   Thats going to wrap it up for now, and I would like to thank Jayski.com for some information and the starting line-up.

1st) #2-Kurt Busch (1 pole)
2nd) #8-Mark Martin (won in 1999)
3rd) #55-Michael Waltrip (1 pole)
4th) #26-Jamie McMurray (1 pole)
5th) #38-David Gilliland (1 pole)
6th) #41-Reed Sorenson (1 pole)
7th #88-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (1 pole)
8th) #9-Kasey Kahne (2 poles)
9th) #1-Martin Truex Jr. (1 pole)
10th) #20-Tony Stewart (won in 2001, 2002, 2007)
11th) #96-J.J. Yeley (1 pole)
12th) #11-Denny Hamlin (1 pole)
13th) #49-Ken Schrader (won in 1989,1990)
14th) #21-Bill Elliott (won in 1987)
15th) #44-Dale Jarrett (won in 1996, 2000, 2004)
16th) #5-Casey Mears (1 pole)
17th) #16-Greg Biffle (1 pole)
18th) #48-Jimmie Johnson (4 poles)
19th) #22-Dave Blaney (1 pole)
20th) #99-Carl Edwards (1 pole)
21st) #07-Clint Bowyer (2 poles)
22nd) #24-Jeff Gordon (7 poles)
23rd) #12-Ryan Newman (5 poles)

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